York Area Meeting

York Area Meeting is registered with the Charity Commission. (Charity number 1133306). 

The Area Meeting appoints Friends to serve as trustees, the legal body managing the affairs of York Area Meeting as a charity. Trustees serve for a fixed period of time.

The Trustees usually meet three or four times a year. They also report annually to the Area Meeting and present consolidated accounts for the five constituent Local Meetings. These are also lodged annually with the Charity Commission.

The purposes and governance of the charity are set out in its Articles of Association and subsequent amendments.

The relationship between the Area Meeting and its trustees is set out in a memorandum of understanding. (A copy of this is available below.)

Current Trustees:

Martina Weitsch – Clerk

Ros Batchelor – Records, Property &   AM Archivist

Keith Barnes – Finance & AM Treasurer

Brian Jardine – Property & Burial Grounds

Lesley O’Neal – Enumerator & AM Membership

Roger Pierce – Employment & Property

Nick Folkard – Safeguarding & Data Protection

Geof Sewell – Records & Data Protection

Nick Perks - Employment

Annual Report & Accounts



OCT 2023