York Area Quaker Meeting

York Area Meeting Consists of five Local Quaker Meetings

Acomb, Friargate, Harrogate, New Earswick and Thirsk

Quakers are a faith group committed to working for equality and peace. We try to live in truth, peace, simplicity and equality, finding God in ourselves and those around us. Our meetings for worship are based on silent waiting, offering space for spiritual reflection and exploration. You can find details about the regular local meetings for worship in the York and Harrogate area by clicking on the links above. Anyone is welcome to attend. There is more information ‘About Quakers’ in the links at the foot of this page. 


Friends from our five local meetings come together six times a year as York Area Meeting for Business. The Area Meeting is responsible for matters of membership, appoints local Elders and the Pastoral Care team, sends representatives to national Quaker bodies, and considers issues of concern to Friends. Area Meeting also appoints Friends to serve as trustees to manage the affairs of York Area Meeting as a charity. The meeting consults on matters of current interest and occasionally invites speakers or organises other activities of interest to Friends. Our business meetings are held in a spirit of shared worship. Decisions are taken and recorded in minutes made in accordance with the Quaker business method. 


For Meeting Minutes please contact the Administrative Assistant here



York Area Meeting Clerk    Martin Dickinson / Gilly Charters


Acomb                       Nick Folkard /  Sally Bourton

Friargate                    Raymond Williams / Eleanor O'Flynn

Harrogate                  Sarah Whittington /  Gemma Dixon

New Earswick            Michael Davis / Chrissie Williams

Thirsk                         Geof Sewell / Pat Brooks

York Area Meeting 2024 

Meetings held on the following dates

January 13th            Friargate              10:30

March 9th                 New Earswick      13:30

May 15th                  Acomb                 19:00

July 13th                   Harrogate            10:30

September 14th       Friargate              13:30

November 9th          Thirsk                   10:30

Local Meetings are held after meeting for Worship on the first Sunday of the Month.

Upcoming Events

Sun 16 June

York Area Meeting Trustees

Venue: Thirsk

Trustees Meeting

Sat 13 July

York Area Meeting


Venue: Harrogate

Light lunch will be provided.


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Charity Number: 1133306